Wednesday, May 04, 2005

117 Minutes Til the P.O.-Dr. P Showdown!

That's less than two hours to you drug-addled, P.O. wanna-bes. And, coincidentally, the number of lines our moustached messiah did off the back of his TV Guide the night he made his now-infamous phone calls. Here's a pre-showdown menu to prepare (don't even think of watching this epic television moment without proper snacks):

1. Pretzels.
2. Pabst (though we hear Pat O'Brien is now partial to Poland Spring).
3. Plenty o' tissues. This one could be a real tear-jerker, P.O.-style.

And while you're at it, bone-up on your P.O. fodder:

Synergy for Viacom: Dr. Phil of CBS Interviews Pat O'Brien of CBS (NY Times)
'ET' takes tabloid turn as 'Insider' stands Pat (Hollywood Reporter)


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